aspEasyBarCode is a library that allows Internet developers to add barcodes to their applications. It's made up by two technologies of choice, one for users who use IIS (Internet Information Server from Microsoft ) and another technology, the CGI binary that allows you to use it on standard Web servers, like Apache, Netscape, IIS, etc. ( Win32 ).

The ASP module is a dll that is registered on the server/client and offers you the ability to use all the functions for drawing bar codes on your active server page or even on the Visual Basic application. There are some examples showing you how to use it.

The CGI-BIN is an exe module that allows you to send some parameters from your html page and returns the image generated of the barcode you asked for. Its as easy as typing on your html page: <img source="/cgi-bin/easybarcode.exe?text=1234&typebar=3"> and you get the image barcode from 1234, without generating files on the server.

If you need a specific Visual Basic componet then please look at the activeBarCode, which is a specific ActiveX for generating bar codes.

Includes over 30 different bar code types; Ean8, Ean13, Ean128, Code39, UPC, PDF417,etc
Like all our aspEasy family programs this is also shareware without limitations on functionality but as with the others, it lacks a cross line on the bar generated. If it is registered, then we send you the same program without the cross.

EAN128 Code bar with your IP address:

See a real-time demo application

It supports most standard barcodes with checksums and it outputs directly to a bitmap or a standard gif format (asp module). Print it directly to your printer and do standard reports in html without the need for other expensive reports designers.

This component is shareware, the only limitation is when creating the bitmap it displays a cross line on the barcode picture, if you want to remove it then you have to register it for US$ 89. There is no limitation on functionality or time in the shareware version.
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