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  15 February 2006



2.10 ( 15/February/2006 )
Added InitVector property.
2.02 ( 22/November/2005 )
Added error management for better controlling errors. All errors can be retrieved or ignored from the Error property.
2.0 ( 04/February/2004 )
Some code has been optimized
Encoding string was not working fine when calling it alone 
Added two new functions for calculating, management of standard checksums files in md5 and sfv format

1.21 ( 23/12/2002 )
Format when ciphering was not working at all. Thanks to Lupo for reporting it.
Added debug property to debug the functions calls
1.2 ( 17/09/2002 )
Small bug that didn't get all ciphers
Better docs and installation program

1.13 ( 08/02/2001 )
Revised and added the possibility to use it on the client side enhancing the security. (see the example interactive mode)

1.0 ( 01/08/2000 )
First version