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  Updated on 09 January 2007


Changes on this release

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5.01 ( March-2008 )
 DB Blob fields supported

5.00 ( March-2008 )
 New object design in document and some improvements in the GUI.
 Now expired evaluation lets you play with the software but doesn't allow you to save the document.
 Improved graphics loading from stream if it can found it.
 Report footer correctly sized
 Added events for graphics and for Barcodes
Added SetContents function for script in ERP.
 Break page option for details
 Using engine EasyReportPDF 1.50 for report generation.
 Several minor bugs removed.

4.30 ( 16-April-2007 )
 New field GUI design in document.
 New page after and before for report header and footer were not working properly
New serial registration online.
 Several minor bugs removed.

4.21 ( 09-January-2007 )
 Oracle supported.
 Changing connection now updates fields correctly.
Using engine EasyReportPDF 1.12 for database connection.
4.20 ( 11-December-2006 )
 Improved grid design.
 From the new button you can now select the kind of report, making the selection more clear for use.
Database view has been also improved by using a tree data view.
 Unified bookmarks and database fields in one box named Util. Next release we will add more tabbed objects.
 Fixed several minor bugs.
4.11 ( 14-November-2006 )
 Added the Marks parameters for charting options.
 Better handling for copy and paste functions.
 Fixed bug when copying and pasting shape boxes.
4.10 ( 17-July-2006)
 Added the @PageCount function for the new release of easyReportPDF.
 Bug removed when setting two connections both were link to the detail band report.
 Added a popup menu in the database box which clarifies buttons menu and adds a new command to select a new default report band for the detail.
 Databases can be deleted. You may need to change all fields in report which points to the connection deleted if there is one if not the report will print it blank.
 Improved the cursor bitmap in report mode.
 Added more support for the image format by using latest component version of DImageEN.
 Sometimes the page was not responding to the cursor position when placing the first object.
4.06 ( 12-July-2006)
 @Date function was not correctly being translated from VEP to aspEasyPDF source code in enterprise mode.
 Added all special report function in the text delimited write box to be selected for the user. Added for novice users.
4.05 ( 6-July-2006)
 Reports drawn in inches wont open the report in the correct size
 Group reports can be changed from the band property
 Band property can now set the height of the band
 Closing the application displays a better close message and allows you to save and close it in one action.
 Checks for new versions when starting VisualEasyPDF, it can be disabled in the configuration window
 Registered versions of VisualEasyPDF can now be started from network path without incurring a license problem.
4.04 ( 5-July-2006)
 Database connection has been improved with better timeouts connections and default port and user names.
 Sometimes the script for the report was not being saved in the VEP file.
 Now you can easily change the db connection.
4.03 ( 15-June-2006)
 Window properties didn't allow to modify the position object.
 Barcode was not accepting the window in field object mode.
 Now in the title you see what has been change.
Jump to a method in the script mode
More fixes added.
4.02 ( 15-April-2006)
 Moving objects by keyboard or by align controls updates correctly the positions
 Properties now updates correctly the positions of the selected object.
 You can update multiple objects from the property window.
 Selecting a field display in the status bar the connection and the field property.
 Visible band property now binds correctly to the draw in document property.
Improved the wizard assistance for where conditions.
Added jump functions on the scripter.
Global parameters improved.
Database wizard and view data now uses global parameters.
You may now create multiple report documents from VisualEasyPDF wizard.