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Please see the forums section to get an updated problems and solutions. This is the most common FAQ that has been extracted from the forums.

Which is the difference between free and standard?

The VisualEasyPDF was designed to be a complement to the aspEasyPDF library, this is why it has a free version. The free version enables you to create a single page document and translate it with the code of your choice. The standard version unlock some features, like, drawing more pages, save and load form definitions and use the code bars object.

I'm from a Marketing department and I want to use 
VisualEasyPDF as a PDF creation solution, 
can I use it or is just for programmers?

Sure!, when you first run the VisualEasyPDF it will start with a Setup Wizard  and will ask you if you want to use it as a programming environment or as a visual PDF design tool. If you select to use it as a design tool then you wont see any programming section. 
Just design your document and generate the final PDF document. Remember that the free edition will draw only just one PDF page, but without nags and any other limitation.

How can I load a PDF document?

You can not load a PDF document, even on the registered version. The main reason is that the PDF documents are created in a batch sequence to be interpreted, this is quite complex and will require to much time to decoded and translate it to the VEP standard. On new version we will code an import tool that will try to convert a PDF document into a VEP form.

Why I can generate a single PDF document without
nags and no paying for it?

This is a solution that we adopted some years ago that we wanted to draw a contract page and generate it in PDF to be send by email to a customer. We searched through internet and we saw so many free tools that it really weren't free. So this is why we decided to allow just one page to be free, without any printout in the middle ;-)

How can I set a protection to be PDF document?

The VEP uses the aspEasyPDF library coded inside, this library on the actual revision doesn't have support to encode PDF documents and protect them. But not later this year we should release version 2.0 which will have all this feature coded inside and more to come that will be also used on the VEP program.

If I buy the VisualEasyPDF standard version, how
much will take to unlock the program?

If you purchase the program on our eCommerce site then the unlock code and the invoice will be sent by email in 5 minutes.