What's aspEasyZIP

It is an ASP component for use with the IIS Server from Microsoft, the main feature is that it can zip, unzip and show the contents of a zip file in ASP language, this can even be done with VB and VB Scripting. Read the documentation and experiment with some examples to learn more about it.

This component is freeware but it has one limitation, when zipping and unzipping it displays a message on the html page and it puts a reminder file inside the zipped file, if you want to remove the message and the reminder file then you have to pay US$ 29. This is a small limitation because everyone can use it without any limitation on time or functionality.

See a real time demo using the aspEasyZIP library

The professional aspEasyZIP is a new product based on version 2.0 and it includes several features that the standard version does not include, the encryption and the auto extract functions for Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

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