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MITData is a small software company derived from the personal page of John Lohmeyer. Since 1999 we have grow with the internet impact and we have dedicated our efforts to create a company dedicated to programmers to make their development easier.

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6 - May - 2008

New release of aspEasyPDF 3.50

30 - April - 2008

New release of VisualEasyPDF 5.04

25 - March - 2008

New release of easyReportPDF 1.16

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WOW. Was trying to find an easier, more elegant way to produce PDF forms for our ASP application and saw a couple of good reviews on another forum. Purchased from MITData their VisualEasyPDF & then the aspEasyPDF Library. We had some trouble at first installing these programs but mostly due to our own ignorance. Contacted their support team and have to say that these guys treated us like we spent 'One Million Dollars'! Support was fantastic, prompt, courteous and they did not laugh 'once' at some of our very basic questions. What impressed me the most was calling their office in Spain (we are in New Orleans, La) and not realizing it was already 11:00pm) there! They answered the phone and hooked up with us fixed our problem.
Erwin from MelcoGroup

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