Only4urEyes is an application that encrypts and decrypts images. This is a very useful application for images that you don't want that anyone than you can access.

It uses 21 different cipher types, it has been coded using the aspEasyCrypt library so it's a well proven encryption library; List of supported ciphers methods:
3Way, Blowfish, Cast 128, Cast 256, DES Double 16byte, DES Double 8byte, DES Single 8byte, DES Triple 16byte, DES Triple 24byte, DES Triple 8byte, DESX, Diamond , Diamond II Lite, FROG, Gost, IDEA, Mars, Misty 1, NewDES, Q128, RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6, Rijndael, SAFER-K128, SAFER-K40, SAFER-K64, SAFER-SK128, SAFER-SK40, SAFER-SK64, SCOP, Sapphire II, Shark, Square, TEA, TEA extended, Twofish

Support the following image format by openning and savint it; JPG, JPG2000, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, TGA.

It's a Shareware application which has one limitation; it displays a message on the middle of each image; You can remove this message by registering The price? Only US$ 29!

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