What's aspEasyCrypt

It is an ASP component for use with the IIS Server from Microsoft, the main feature is that it can hash, cipher and perform checksums on strings and on files. It supports 22 types of hash, 5 checksums and 37 different ciphers.
With this component you can make strong security pages, sign page or messages, make the programs exchange keys, making public and private keys, you have all the standards to cipher and hash it.
In the new version 2.0 it supports creating checksum files and checks whether a file is corrupted or missing by using the MD5 or SFV file standards.
See the documentation and some examples on how to do so.

This component is based on the DEC component by Hagen Reddmann that is also freeware, that's why this component is freeware, you only have to pay if you want to use it on a commercial site, this will remove the printed label on the html. Enjoy it!

Real time sample for hash and cipher using the component on an installed server

Check an application that we have developed with aspEasyCrypt; Only4urEyes, which is an image encryption / decrytion utility

This component is freeware, the only limitation is that when hashing or ciphering it will display a message on the html page, if you want to remove this message then you will have to pay US$ 29. I think this is a small limitation because everyone can use it without any limitation on time or functionality.

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If you want to use it on your site but you don't find the time to do it yourself, please contact a developer who will be only too happy to do it for a small amount of money.


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