It's a visual document editor program that lets you create PDF documents by drawing in a real WYSIWYG environment using your mouse and placing objects into the document.


But, what makes this one different from the others? 
As you may know, MITData is a company that specializes in programmers and web solutions, our best selling program solution is the aspEasyPDF library for producing PDF documents in real time. This library, like all other programming libraries, has a learning curve that increases with time, but as far as you know we never have time to read the documentation or even the best help file ever written to explain the library.
That is why we created a program that, in combination with the library, takes a short time to place objects in a document and pressing a button, it will create all the code for you. And the best of all, you can even press compile and run* and you will see it running on your web site. The learning curve has gone and you can even work with the library without knowing how to use it.
At the present VisualEasyPDF can work with several different languages; ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, VB Script and VB.
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I'm not a programmer, I just want to create a PDF document, can I use it?  
Yes! When you first run VisualEasyPDF it will start with a Setup Wizard, it will ask you whether you want to use it as a programming environment or as a visual PDF design tool. If you select using it as a design tool then you won’t see any editor source to program. Design your document and generate the final PDF document.

And what is best of all; it's free for drawing the first page with no banners or nag text!. The only limitation is that you can only draw one page and you don't have the option to save and load the VisualEasyPDF form.

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There are two versions, one is the free version, which is limited in some features, and the standard version that you have to pay for to get all the features. See table for the differences between one version and the other:




Draw PDF documents in WYSIWYG environment



Generate PDF document



Generate source code to use on library development



Forms and JavaScript Yes


Encrypt in 40 bits or 128 bits No


Draw more than one page



Draw barcodes No


Open & Save VEP documents No


To use all the features you must buy it for just US$ 59, you have two ways to register it, one directly from the free version and the other from the prices page.

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If you want to use it on your site but you don't find the time to do it yourself, please contact a developer who will be only too happy to do it for a small amount of money.
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